Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

I've been posting on Facebook about the girl's attire choices. Basically, we let her dress herself, within reason. That "within reason" part means that her clothing must be weather-appropriate, modest, and - when going to church - not too casual. So while other families coordinated their kiddos, we let Jocelyn do her thing.

She chose a different, more Easter-y dress Sunday morning, but the tights stayed. And the leprechaun necklace. And two other necklaces. And three bracelets. And the silver gemstone shoes. And the pink purse we found at Goodwill a couple months ago, that one that she has designated her "nice church bag."

She also swiped my headband because we had forgotten her silver one.

When her teacher told her he liked her socks, she shouted joyfully, "They're tights!" and lifted her dress above her head to show him. Just goes to show you that making sure she's dressed modestly doesn't actually mean that she'll behave modestly.

And, by the way, I wish I could get tights like hers. For real.

The shamrock necklace, though? That's all hers. (As are the tights, I suppose, considering they wouldn't make it far up my legs!)

And how dapper is he?!?

(He still lets me dress him, if you can't tell!)

The only accessory he insisted on was the dinosaur in his hand!

Oh, how I love her!

And him!

Even if he tries to run away...

I can still catch him, though.

This, my friends, is a photo shoot when your kids are two and four. C'est la vie!

And their daddy ... he rocks.


  1. Now, that was cute! We have gone on many an outing with my daughter in a tutu, pants/shirts on backwards, etc. But, it is all about giving them their freedom to feel independent in some of their choices! I, too, love her tights.

    Visiting you from the Easter link-up!

  2. What? No comment about the dandelion? Weirdo.

    I did tell you that Leiana is convinced I'm lying to her about yellow dandelions being the same flower as the white ones, right?

  3. I love the tights too! Let me know if you find some in our size. We are like you guys and let Eva dress herself, within reason as you said. I don't really care if she's dressed to the nines every time we step foot out the door. Really, its just clothing! I'm sure strangers are rolling their eyes at times by her crazy hair or mismatched outfit and thinking "Wow what is that mom thinking". But really, why would I purpose to make those things important to her at her age? And besides, I'm no fashionista myself, so there's no point in pretending my daughter is one either haha. The state of her heart is what I really care about.

    PS It was so good talking to you at the playdate! You looked AMAZINGLY skinny girl. Spill your secret! :)


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