Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

I've been posting on Facebook about the girl's attire choices. Basically, we let her dress herself, within reason. That "within reason" part means that her clothing must be weather-appropriate, modest, and - when going to church - not too casual. So while other families coordinated their kiddos, we let Jocelyn do her thing.

She chose a different, more Easter-y dress Sunday morning, but the tights stayed. And the leprechaun necklace. And two other necklaces. And three bracelets. And the silver gemstone shoes. And the pink purse we found at Goodwill a couple months ago, that one that she has designated her "nice church bag."

She also swiped my headband because we had forgotten her silver one.

When her teacher told her he liked her socks, she shouted joyfully, "They're tights!" and lifted her dress above her head to show him. Just goes to show you that making sure she's dressed modestly doesn't actually mean that she'll behave modestly.

And, by the way, I wish I could get tights like hers. For real.

The shamrock necklace, though? That's all hers. (As are the tights, I suppose, considering they wouldn't make it far up my legs!)

And how dapper is he?!?

(He still lets me dress him, if you can't tell!)

The only accessory he insisted on was the dinosaur in his hand!

Oh, how I love her!

And him!

Even if he tries to run away...

I can still catch him, though.

This, my friends, is a photo shoot when your kids are two and four. C'est la vie!

And their daddy ... he rocks.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter egg hunt!

Six days after our wedding, Lee and I were blessed to be able to join a fantastic group of young married couples who meet together to study the Bible every Sunday morning. Two years ago we left that class to teach the 9th grade class and then to coordinate special needs ministry, but we still have wonderful friends in the class. Knowing that we're not in an adult Sunday school class, the leaders in that class are sweet to invite us to be engaged in non-Sunday events ... like the class Easter egg hunt on Sunday afternoon!

Jocelyn was so proud of her pink glittery egg!

But Robs didn't care for the wait to dye eggs. He started several, only to walk away when he realized that he didn't get a colorful egg back immediately. (You know that delayed gratification experiment? I think Robs is the kid who would only get one marshmallow.)

The lineup begins (complete with a streamer starting line!)

Philip was obviously making a very important point, given the big gestures.

And I'm not quite sure that Shannon agrees with Kevin about the bucket hat concept for Caleb.

Almost ready!

I wish this wasn't so blurry. I just love the smiles between Will and Becca!

Caitlin did a superb job coordinating everything! I think she was explaining where the kiddos could find the eggs. From the looks of the kiddos, I think they were all scoping out eggs rather than paying attention.

Actually, Camden was attentive! He's such a good kid. (And he was the oldest there, so I suppose it makes sense that he has the best attention span!)

I was trying to get a good shot of Becca and Anna-Kate or Jenelle and Leiana. I ended up with a good one of Jenelle and Becca. The little girls were too interested in everything else!

Doesn't it look like Lee and David are laying out a strategy for Robbie and John David?  "Okay, boys, here's how we're gonna run this play..."

And the line breaks! (And, by the way, I promise I just took a lot of pictures in a short time period - they weren't waiting all that long!)

And they're off, with the big kids in the lead...

...while the little kids still don't quite understand what's happening.

Yep, I don't think Jocelyn or Camden needed much instruction, huh? (Though it does look like sweet Cam is looking back to see how Anderson is doing. Meanwhile, Jocelyn isn't concerned at all about Robs.)

The rest slowly get it, with help from moms and dads.

And because Jocelyn is big enough to do it all on her own (the clever gal ran off to the backyard to hunt from those eggs while everyone else was still out front!) and because my wonderful man was helping Robs, I could just be the momma with a camera. I did get some funny looks from the kids who don't know me as well, but it was fun to document all their fun, like Jenn helping JD here:

Lee pointed out an egg to Leiana and Robs...

...and they both ignored him. Poor Lee!

And, of course, I wasn't the only one with a camera, as evidenced by all these shots of other cameras in action or in hand!

Once Robs realized that there were snacks or candy in each egg, he saw no need to continue hunting. He would find an egg and eat the contents before moving on!

And now since the pictures are more interesting than my words, I'll just let them do the talking...

(And why yes, in case you were wondering, Leiana can stuff an entire Easter cake from Little Debbie in her mouth.)