Friday, March 9, 2012

Eat Mor Chiken on March 22 to help bring Zoe Amanda home! {our Chick-fil-a fundraising night!}

Chick-fil-a? (Or, in Robbie's words, Chicken-A?) Adoption? A gathering of friends and strangers, all celebrating our daughter's life and helping to bring her home?

Yes, please!

Our local Chick-fil-a (at Falls Village in Raleigh) has graciously agreed to host a fundraising night to help us bring Zoe Amanda home. On March 22 from 5-8pm, a portion of each sale will go directly toward our adoption expenses, including drive-thru orders. Just print the image below, and bring it with you! (If you forget it, I will have some in a file folder under the windshield wiper on Lee's car - just look for the white Suburban with his engineering company's logo on the side; we'll have balloons tied to it, so it should be easy to spot!)

We'll have framed pictures of Zoe Amanda on display, and we'll also have a raffle and silent auction, including items such as weekend hotel getaways, gift cards, custom stained glass pieces, and more! I'll be posting soon with more details about the specific items next week and the week after that. (If you have any items you think would be great - including but not limited to gift cards, vacation home/condo weeks or weekends, and handmade goods - let me know because we are still accepting items!)

One note: the mountain weekend I mentioned earlier in the week will be part of the auction at the event. We were planning on raffling it prior to the event with one chance per $10 donation, but Paypal said no to that and we're respecting their decision. 

If you want to stay up to date on the details, please go to the event page on Facebook. You don't have to RSVP there, but if you do, it will help the Chick-fil-a team make sure they have enough staff on hand for the event!

And please feel free to share the event link and this link too to spread the word! (I know y'all are already doing that, though, because the initial invite list of my Raleigh friends was a couple hundred folks... and now I can see that more than 3,000 additional invites have been sent via the event page, so a whole lot of folks have shared it with their friends! Wow.)

~+~ A couple of other tidbits ~+~
  • You can still shop for a good cause and buy makeup, coffee, or women's t-shirts with a portion of the cost coming to our adoption fund! The Mary Kay offer is only good through March 22, but the other two offers are ongoing.
  • We now have a Facebook group. Check it out here! I just posted Zoe Amanda's birthweight and length over there. I'll be posting that info here later today, but if you don't want to wait, click the link!


  1. I mostly think it's funny that you feel the need to tie balloons to your giganimous vehicle in order to "make it easier to spot." :)

    1. Other people drive Shamu-esque vehicles too, you know.

    2. I know, it just struck me as amusing. ;)


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