Friday, March 23, 2012

our amazing night and our court date


That's the best word to describe last night. We had strangers come who heard about our sweet girl. We had family members drive in. We had friends from near and far. And we got to show off gorgeous pictures of our girl to all of them. And one of our sweet little three-year-old buddies came up to me, held out a dollar, and whispered, "It's for the baby."


We won't know exact totals until we wrap up the silent auction next week (that post is coming!) and until we hear from Chick-fil-a with the final total from them, but we have a general idea of where we'll end up.


Thank you to the many friends who came and who shared the news of our event with others.


And again, wow.

We have a court date. We've had it for a couple weeks, actually, but I haven't had the time to post about it. Court is April 10! 

And what does that mean?

Well, it means a lot and not a whole lot all at the same time. It means a lot because, at the court date, our in-country coordinators will represent our interests and Zoe's interests before the judge. All information and documents pertinent to the case will be presented. 

It doesn't mean much just yet because the judge doesn't decide anything at the court date. It's all about fact finding, somewhat in the same way that Supreme Court cases are done here. (And I'm sure my friend Audrey can chime in via comments about other parallels with our justice system!) 

After court, two decrees have to be issued by the judge. The first one comes four to six weeks after our court date. Then the second one comes 10-25 days after the first decree.

The cool thing about that second decree? As soon as it's issued, Zoe Amanda is legally our daughter in Taiwan.

It will take a few weeks for the US paperwork to catch up, since all the Taiwanese court documents have to be translated to English, reviewed by some folks at the Department of Homeland Security, and approved by AIT, which is the US Embassy-esque entity in Taiwan.

And then? We travel. And bring her home. 





  1. So glad we were able to be a part of last night! So excited for you guys. Camden had a handful of change that he meant to bring to you guys... but he accidentally left it at home and was SO bummed when we got there and he realized he didn't have it. :) Keep us updated on your exciting journey!

    1. That is PRECIOUS! If he still wants to give it to us, I can make sure to find y'all on Sunday, or Lee can find him tonight at AWANA. I think one of my favorite things in this process is getting to see how our little ones and their friends grasp this whole process!

  2. Makes me smile :) :) :) :) :)
    So excited to hear about the court date!

    1. Me too! It's moments like this when I think, "Wow. This is really happening!"

  3. HA! i just saw this post and my little "shout out."

    and yes, Court dates (unless it's a sentencing or jury trial, neither of which will likely ever be a part of your lives) are not usually very fruitful. half of them are just check-ins and deadline settings- but in front of a guy or gal whom everyone seems slightly afraid of so that sometimes you agree that "yes, your Honor, I can meet that deadline" when you totally can't.

    But they are little necessary milestones that have to be reached before you can get to the end. so congrats and good luck on your Court date!!!

    1. I realized after I made the Supreme Court analogy that most court dates are probably more about fact-finding/presenting than anything else. I knew you would know, though! :)

      Lee was a member of the jury for a big criminal trial that would have lasted a while, but the guy took a plea before it really got underway. So those could be a part of our lives, just not as a party in the case! :)


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