Monday, July 30, 2012

a second daily dose of Zoe

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  1. She is stunning!! Thanks for the comment on our blog. If you have a Facebook, we have a very large CP group on there that is extremely helpful and have all walks of life in CP from adults and teens with CP to adoptive parents to those who have birth children with CP.
    You can email me or find me on Facebook- and I can add you to the group!
    Zoe is perfect, and I'm happy to read the news about her MRI being better than expected. We had Alina's MRI last year and while we were happy with the news that her PVL isn't as extreme as we had originally been told, we found out she had internal compensated hydrocephalus! so she just had surgery for that and is doing well.
    Its a long winding road, figuring these little ones out, but of course very worth it! Zoe will do wonderful, no doubt!


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