Thursday, August 9, 2012

a post about pictures of Zoe's brain today (and pictures of her sweet face from a few days ago!)

As this posts to the blog, we'll be on our way to the hospital with Zoe to get some lovely pictures of her brain.

She can't eat anything until afterward. (You know, the whole keeping her from aspirating under sedation thing.)

And, as much as she hated feeding times in the first two weeks we had her, girlfriend loves her food now.

Please pray that she'll handle it well. And pray that the pictures help us know how to proceed in caring for her.

And if you'd like a bit o' encouragement (or to glimpse some vintage Dingle family pictures*), here's a post about parenting and trusting God that I wrote back in 2009 when Robbie had to be sedated for an MRI: not understanding the circumstances

*Okay, okay, the pictures aren't old enough to be vintage, but when I can see such huge differences in the big kids between then and now, it feels like they're that old!

If you're curious about the procedure for little ones, here's the post I did about that back then: Robbie's MRI

Finally, some pictures that are definitely not vintage, taken in our yard the other day during an impromptu shoot while the big kids went to the store with Daddy!


  1. I pray the photos of the inside of Zoe look as lovely (in their own way) as the ones of her here. This is how Vivienne and I spend a lot of our time -- photo shoots, though the pictures would turn out better if we had a yard and sunlight. Instead, they are usually in the living room (we're city dwellers) and at night (she's at least a third generation night owl).

    1. I love baby photo shoots, don't you? Especially when they're too little to squirm away - my bigger kids make far more difficult subjects. :)

    2. That's why I have many, many more pictures this past year of my nine month old baby girl than my 21 month old baby boy -- that, and Jonathan always wants to grab the camera if it's out, making for a lot of half-faced crying/reaching pictures. Besides, baby girl outfits are so much more fun.


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