Wednesday, August 22, 2012

tomorrow has to be better

because today involved...

three shots for my big girl.

a finger prick for her and her brother.

the inhumanity of being taken to the exam room with no dinosaur border on the wall. (the boy was not pleased.)

the need for my big girl to pee into a cup.

my big girl's inability to pee into a cup the first time she tried.

my boy's ability to pee on me when I didn't realize he was trying to pee into the cup, which isn't necessary until he's a couple years older.

my big girl's ability to pee in the cup after I forced her to chug the juice in my bag. (why, yes, I did have college flashbacks. Chug!Chug!Chug!)

my failure as a mom when I accidentally poured part of my daughter's urine specimen on her.

my conversation with our new pediatrician in which we realized we were friends from college. (and during which she might have decided her choice for med school was better than my choices, given that both I and my firstborn were wearing urine.)

all this occurring while holding my littlest one. who has a cold.

(yes, you can feel free to laugh. I would probably chuckle at you if this had been your day.)

oh, how I love them! even after days like today.


  1. Oh no. :( Why did they have to pee in cups? Charlotte has been doing that a lot lately, but she's been having issues. I hope everything is okay and that this is just some new let's-add-a-little-more-trauma to the usual well visits.

    Charlotte had her four-year old check last week. 4 shots. Not cool. But supposedly no more vaccines until 11?

    The pictures are precious!

    1. Just part of the well visit. We're new to this practice, so I'm not sure if it's an every year thing or what. (Just checked: it's part of the 5 year appt and the 12 year one.)

      And, yep, we should be shot free until age 12! I think we would have avoided them this time, but several vaccines were in short supply a year ago and her previous shots would cover her through now, so they pushed them back a year. The finger prick was worth it, though, because she's anemic - like her momma and her momma's momma - so we need to add more iron into her diet.

    2. Oops, not really shot free. Because I'm on Remicade and immunosupressed, we can't have live vaccines in our home. That means no flu mist for us, and it also means that it's unsafe (for me) for any of us to skip the flu shot.

  2. Oh goodness. Never a dull moment at the doctors' office! I had a very similar experience with Hannah a few months ago related to peeing in a cup. "Just try" "But I don't have any more pee" "C'mon" "I CAN'T!"

    Go out and tell doctor we can't. Response: try again.

    "Please, just try." "Ok" Pee...all over my hand, the floor, her leg, etc., and about 5 drops in the cup.

    To doctor: "Is this enough? Please say this is enough."



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