Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We said yes to adopting Zoe without knowing how God would provide the funds. (Remember, the timing - and almost everything else - of this adoption wasn't exactly what we planned.) We just knew this was the right step for our family, but I'm not going to lie:

$23,000 was a daunting number to consider. 

Little by little, the funds have come in.

And this week? Between the money raised through sales at Chick-fil-A, through the raffle there, through the silent auction, and through donations given or pledged to us during this big push, our grand fundraising total for this week is...

Added to the money already raised and some of the fees we were able to pay upfront, that means we've covered
in a month and a half. The remaining $4,309 seems a whole lot less daunting than the $23,000 we started with. 


And thank you. 

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.
Ephesians 3:20-21

Friday, March 23, 2012

and the silent auction continues ONLINE {until 3/27/12}

The auction is now closed. Thank you for bidding! Winners will be contacted on the end of the day on March 28.

I thought about trying to channel my best auctioneer impression and writing this post in that tone, but then I remembered: Auctioneers are all annoying.

So I'll just be me.

If you're new here, let me introduce myself. I'm Shannon. My husband Lee and I have two precious (biological) kiddos and we're in the process of adopting Zoe Amanda - a sweet baby girl with chunky cheeks and cerebral palsy - from Taiwan. (You can read more about our adoption journey here and here.)

We had a spectacular fundraising night at Chick-fil-a last night, but even if you missed it, you can join us for the silent auction part! Below are all the items from our auction with the current high bid following each item! Bids will be accepted until midnight on Tuesday, March 27th. To bid on anything, fill out the Google form at the bottom of this post.

Some items are going at higher than their actual value, while others are well below it, and we have a wide range of items available, so there's something for everyone!

Hmm, that last line was a little auctioneer-esque. Sorry 'bout that.

For our out-of-town friends, some items - like the photo shoots - have to be used in the Raleigh area, but everything else can be shipped to you, including the stained glass. The shipping changes will - depending on the item - either be covered by the person who donated the item or by us... in other words, you don't need to plan for shipping costs to be added when making your bid.

The best news of all, though? 100% of the funds raised will go toward bringing Zoe Amanda home. How cool is that? 

Weekend getaways {click here for more details for each!} 
Item #1: Two-night weekend getaway at a mountain resort condo in Boone (value $300): $270 

Item #2: Two-night weekend romance package, Embassy Suites in Brier Creek (value: $340): $500 

Item #3: Two-night weekend stay in a two-room suite, Embassy Suites in Cary (RTP area) (value: $300): $140

Item #4: One-night weekend stay in a two-room suite, Embassy Suites at Crabtree in Raleigh (value: $150): $85 

Photo sessions and classes {click here for more details for each!}
Item #5: "Mini" family photo session and 1 5x7 Linen print from GreenFlash Productions Photography (value: $100): $60

Item #6: Photo session (maternity, newborn, family, child or senior) & 15-20 digital images from Rebecca Keller Photography (value: $100-150, depending on the type of session): $65

Item #7: Beginning photography class from Studio 310 Photography (value: $300-500): $450

Artsy items {click here for more details for each!}
Item #8: One custom letter project from Paint By Letters (value: ~$75): $60

Item #9: Original stained glass modern piece by Bill Dingle of Wood-Glass Designs$25

Item #10: Pair of original stained glass creations (cat frame & goose) by Bill Dingle of Wood-Glass Designs: $25

Item #11: Original stained glass: "An Eagle Soars" by Bill Dingle of Wood-Glass Designs$50 

Item #12: Stained glass bear in a balloon by Bill Dingle of Wood-Glass Designs$15

Gift cards {click here for more details for each!}
Item #13: $75 gift card to Target (value: $75): $100 

Item #14: $50 gift card to Amazon (value: $50): $65

Item #15: $50 VISA gift card (value: $50): $65 

Item #16: $50 gift certificate to online store Sweet Tea Paperie (value: $50): $50

Item #17: $45 gift certificate to Monkey Stitch (value: $45): $35

Item #18: $25 Olive Garden gift card; also good at Red Lobster, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, and Seasons 52 (value: $25): $40

Item #19: $100 Mary Kay gift card with free shipping (value: $108): $65

All bidding is now CLOSED. Winners will be contacted by the end of the day on March 28! Thank you for a wonderful auction.

our amazing night and our court date


That's the best word to describe last night. We had strangers come who heard about our sweet girl. We had family members drive in. We had friends from near and far. And we got to show off gorgeous pictures of our girl to all of them. And one of our sweet little three-year-old buddies came up to me, held out a dollar, and whispered, "It's for the baby."


We won't know exact totals until we wrap up the silent auction next week (that post is coming!) and until we hear from Chick-fil-a with the final total from them, but we have a general idea of where we'll end up.


Thank you to the many friends who came and who shared the news of our event with others.


And again, wow.

We have a court date. We've had it for a couple weeks, actually, but I haven't had the time to post about it. Court is April 10! 

And what does that mean?

Well, it means a lot and not a whole lot all at the same time. It means a lot because, at the court date, our in-country coordinators will represent our interests and Zoe's interests before the judge. All information and documents pertinent to the case will be presented. 

It doesn't mean much just yet because the judge doesn't decide anything at the court date. It's all about fact finding, somewhat in the same way that Supreme Court cases are done here. (And I'm sure my friend Audrey can chime in via comments about other parallels with our justice system!) 

After court, two decrees have to be issued by the judge. The first one comes four to six weeks after our court date. Then the second one comes 10-25 days after the first decree.

The cool thing about that second decree? As soon as it's issued, Zoe Amanda is legally our daughter in Taiwan.

It will take a few weeks for the US paperwork to catch up, since all the Taiwanese court documents have to be translated to English, reviewed by some folks at the Department of Homeland Security, and approved by AIT, which is the US Embassy-esque entity in Taiwan.

And then? We travel. And bring her home. 




Jocelyn: "But, Mommy, how can Robbie get pink eye when he's a boy? Boys don't like pink!"

We had an unexpected visit with the pediatrician this morning. Sometime between the end of last night's fundraising extravaganza and midnight, pink eye showed up in my little man. 

He's pretty miserable. None of us slept much last night as a result, and we're cuddling lots today.

If any of y'all have good tips for giving eyedrops to a little boy, I'd love 'em! We're going the whole having-him-close-his-eyes-and-putting-a-drop-at-the-corner-of-each-eye thing, but he still thinks we're torturing him. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

~ Chick-fil-A at Falls Village ~ 3/22/12 ~ 5-8pm ~
Eat Mor Chiken for Zoe Amanda!

Over the past week, I've posted again and again and again about our fundraising night on March 22 from 5-8pm at Chick-fil-A at Falls Village in Raleigh. I've posted so often that I wouldn't blame you if you're thinking, Thank goodness the event is soon because that means the posts will STOP!" 

Because I've posted so often, though, I wanted to consolidate all the info and links to posts in one place.

Yep, you guessed it. Another post.

First, the basics. Come to Chick-fil-A. Bring a flier. Buy food, inside or through the drive-through. Give them the flier. Smile, knowing your belly will be full and some of your money will go toward bringing Zoe Amanda home!

Here are the fliers, one as an image and one PDF with four to a page. (I would LOVE it if you printed enough to share a few! The more people, the more funds raised toward our adoption expenses!)

Dingle Adoption 3.22.12

And what if you forget your flier? Look for the white Suburban with balloons tied to it, and you'll find fliers in a folder under the windshield! We are NOT allowed to hand out fliers at the door or inside the restaurant, so make sure you have one before you come on in!

And once you're there? Eat. Enjoy sweet company of the folks who are there to celebrate Zoe Amanda. Check out her pictures - we can't share them online, but we'll have some in frames at the auction and raffle areas, including some that have never been shared outside of our family!

What about the silent auction and raffle? Here's the info you need!

As you click on the links above, please think about what you might want to bid on in the auction or try for in the raffle. More than anything, though, as you look at what's offered, please join us in praising God for the sweet friends and family and even strangers who have offered items to support us on this journey. I've overused the words amazing and awesome lately, but both capture well the beauty of God's provision in all of this.

We are so thankful for God, for Zoe, and for you.

And if you're unable to come to our fundraising night but would like to make a donation, 
you can click below:

If you would prefer to make a tax-deductible donation, go here for information about how to do that.

and what will I find in the raffle?

If you missed the post this morning, I explained all of the ins and outs of the raffle that will be part of tomorrow night's fundraising extravaganza at Chick-fil-a at Falls Village. That post was lots of details and not lots of fun... and this one makes up for it! Each of these items will be in our raffle, and when you get raffle tickets, you'll be able to place them in item bags as you see fit! One ticket equals one chance at winning, and tickets will be one for $1 and fifteen for $10.

Without further ado, here are the 17 items that you can choose from!

A Nora Fleming "dress up your dishes" platter and attachment, donated by Diane Fontaine of old BLEU in the Wilmington, NC area (value: $52)
This comes with a cake attachment, but as you'll see below, it's removable. You can get additional attachments and rotate them seasonally!

Beautiful change purse made with a classic diagonal pattern (color: aqua mix), donated by Shelly of Designs by Dea (value: $87.50)

Pinwheel brown Merona wool scarf, donated by Shelly of Designs by Dea (value: $60)

Handmade Swarovski crystal necklace with matching earrings, made and donated by Allison Callis
I don't think my photography skills capture the beauty of this set, so you'll want to see it in person!

Mary Kay gift basket, donated by Kelly Hogan
I don't have a picture of the basket yet, but I can guarantee that Kelly will put together a beautiful mix of items to pamper you!

BeautiControl Chocolate Indulgence Skin, Beauty, and Fragrance Collection, donated by Shelley Esposito Gurley (value: $133)
This includes Dark Chocolate Exfoliating Wash, Caramel Souffle Body Butter, Chocolate Cherry Lip Gloss, Spiced Chocolate Fragrance Mist, Extreme Repair Hand Creme, body wash pouf, a stylish reusable tote bag, a Tupperware container in coordinating colors, AND a $25 gift certificate for additional products of your choice!

Stampin' Up crafting cards basket, donated by Susan Saunders
A lot of great goodies for making cards and crafting!

The Birthday Interview, donated by Susan Fieldstein
This is a keepsake box with everything you need to conduct an interview every year on your child's birthday, using your own video camera. Includes (1) a booklet with interviewing tips and a list of 35 suggested interview questions, (2) an instructional DVD with information that can be accessed on your computer, including a sample interview, and (3) a sheet of adhesive labels to identify each child's tape/DVD. The box can store birthday invites and other memorabilia through the years as well!

Your pick of babysitting or tutoring services: Your choice of one evening of babysitting OR three tutoring sessions from a second grade teacher in WCPSS, donated by Julie Richardson (I can personally vouch for her!)

A gallon of Sherwin Williams SuperPaint (interior acrilyc latex, self-priming for superior hide), donated by the store at 6429 Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh (ready for you to bring it to them to be mixed to the color of your liking!)

Two handmade Bohemian curly scarves, donated by Kirsten McLain (and these pictures are proof that I need lessons on how to take pictures of this sort of thing - I promise that they're beautiful!)

Vintage pillowcase and embroidered linen dress, tunic, or top, valued at $45 from Tenderlane

Custom signs with the words Faith, Hope, and Love (measuring 28-1/4" x 9-1/4" each), made and donated by Bill Dingle

A set of eight stained glass hearts (four green and four pink), made and donated by Bill Dingle

A stained glass cross, made and donated by Bill Dingle

A set of eight handmade beaded keychains, made and donated by Cindy Kapscandi

Four beautiful beaded bracelets, made and donated by Cindy Kapscandi

If you're new to our blog, read more about our adoption here.

And if you're unable to come to our fundraising night but would like to make a donation, 
you can click below:

If you would prefer to make a tax-deductible donation, go here for information about how to do that.