books of 2014

I read.

A lot.

This year, I want to keep track of my reading, so I figured, "Why not share my list?"

So here goes...

My fiction in progress for January...

And my January non-fiction...

And our read alouds for January for the kiddos...


Books I've read in 2014...

So what are you reading?


  1. Okay, so you have six young children, and you make time to read? I bow to your prowess, young lady. Much love to you and yours, Shannon. Thanks for the suggestions. <3

    1. It definitely helps that I'm a fast reader! My secret is that I read whenever and wherever I can to keep my sanity. :) In the tub, on the exercise bike at the gym, while the kids are playing inside, on the sunroom couch when the kids are playing outside, while I lie down on the hallway floor to play bedtime cop, and so on... to me, reading in front of my kids is as important as reading to them, in terms of teaching my darlings to be readers.

  2. Um... I'm confused... I see no suggestions... maybe there's something wrong with me internet browser.

    1. I just listed the books I'm reading (via Amazon links of their covers) - can you not see those?


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